Mental Health Talks & Education For Schools

Run4YourMind Talks

Oly possesses an innate ability to forge genuine connections with young individuals, rooted in authenticity and relatability. His talks resonate deeply with his audience, addressing subjects frequently left untouched, yet in a manner that encourages a secure and contemplative environment. Complementing his talks, he provides valuable resources and conducts in-person workshops for students and educators alike. His commitment extends beyond mere compliance, driven by a resolute determination to provide enduring assistance and support.

He delivers engaging talks covering his personal journey, delving into topics such as OCD, Resilience, and the transformative influence of movement. Alternatively, his talks and workshops can be tailored to seamlessly align with ongoing curriculum studies. Furthermore, he conducts student-focused workshops encompassing Stress Management, Anxiety, Mental Health, Neurodiversity, and the evolving landscape of Modern Day Masculinity.

For Educators, Oly extends a range of workshops, including Mental Health Awareness, strategies to support Neurodiverse Students, Stress Management, and insights into Recognising Early Signs. He is a qualified instructor at MHFA England and can train your staff to become qualified Mental Health First Aiders. His diverse repertoire ensures a holistic approach to well-being within both student and teacher communities.

As Oly’s heart lies in the education sector, he offers a school sponsorship service where, through every corporate booking, he delivers a free talk in a school on behalf of that business. Please subscribe to our newsletter for updates and reach out to see if there are any subsidised talks or training available in your area.

Oly Newton Run4YourMind doing a talk to a school group about OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and mental health
Oly Newton Run4YourMind at a school sport coaching session