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Despite the need, many young people struggle to accessappropriate mental health services. Long waiting times andlimited availability of services have been common challenges.

We firmly believe that the power of running offers an immediate and impactful avenue to enhance support for your long-term well-being.

Through our tailored running programme, and by putting onefoot in front of the other, we can move forward and tackle life’schallenges together.

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What we do


The Run4YourMind Foundation

Experience the full potential of ourRun4YourMind Youth package, thoughtfully designed to empower you on your journey. This comprehensive package includes a pair of Nike Running Trainers, complete Run4YourMind Kit, a personalised 3-month running plan via our partnered app, Coopah Running, along with bi-weekly video check-ins with our dedicated team.Instant messenger support is also available, ensuring you're fully supported every step of the way.

Oly Newton Run4YourMind talking to Milk Education

School Talks & Education

Oly Newton is an International Mental HealthSpeaker and Trainer, driven by a profound dedication to youth well-being. With a global presence, Oly has engaged with educational institutions worldwide, from schools to universities, leaving a positive impact. His mission revolves around dismantling taboos, sparking vital conversations, and empowering the upcoming generation to raise their voices.His impactful Mental Health workshops cover a spectrum of essential topics including stress management, resilience building, modern-day masculinity, self-care, and addressing anxiety. Oly Is determined to be the voice he so desperately needed when he was younger.

Oly Newton Run4YourMind Foundation doing a school mental health talk

Teacher Training & Workshops

Oly is an accredited Mental Health First AidInstructor certified by MHFA England, and provides comprehensive MHFA content.Complementing this, he offers tailored mental health training curated for educators, empowering them to detect early warning signs and champion the well-being of today's youth.Whether it's a dedicated teacher training session, an insightful lunch and learn session, ora team-building away day, Oly is enthusiastic about extending his support to you.

The Heroes.

Oly Newton from Run4YourMind with Sheffield rugby team wearing Run4YourMind sponsored kit
Oly Newton from Run4YourMind talking to a youth group
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