Welcome to my new website

I’m on a mission to raise awareness, support, motivate and inspire others struggling with mental illness to better themselves through the power of running.

I myself am a long term sufferer of severe OCD, Anxiety and Depression and have been for around 10 years. My main issue being intrusive, negative thoughts that take control of my mind and make it very difficult to focus on general day to day things. This results in me feeling incredibly anxious, confused and at times scared. Struggling with this on a daily basis is extremely draining and causes me to spiral into a sad state of depression.

I started running regularly 7 weeks ago and have not looked back. The feeling I get after a run is irreplaceable.  Yes, it doesn’t last long but when you feel like I do, you live for the moment and for that moment everything’s ‘OK’. It’s certainly better than any medicine I’ve ever been prescribed.

Run4YourMind was created on the 14th August 2017. I set out with my Go Pro, DJI Spark drone in my running backpack and headed out towards Harrogate. I love photography and combining this together with my new found passion for running makes me feel like I’m finally making positive progress in myself  and finding the strength to fight back after all these years of what was at the time, a downhill struggle.

I hope through documenting my journey it will help me understand myself better and help others a long the way.

Oly – Run4YourMind