500 km’s – Mission complete.

This last Saturday i attended Woodhouse Moor Park Run for the second consecutive week. It was Woodhouse Moor’s 10th Park Run anniversary but also a special day for me too, as at 3 km I’d successfully hit the 500 km mark. That’s 500 km covered in 78 days.

Since setting out on this journey, it’s been far from clear sailing but the changes i’ve seen in myself have made it all worth while. My mind often wanders and my thoughts are at times unbearable but i’m stronger now mentally than I have been in years.

On the back of opening up about my struggles, I’ve met new friends, joined a running club, ran 3 races which i’d never have even had the confidence to do prior to this and i’m fitter than i’ve ever been.

Here’s to the next 500 km’s.